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Having started its services in 1987 as one of the first elite hotels in the city center of Gaziantep which is the biggest in Southeastern Anatolia Region and the 6th largest city in Turkey with its 2 star category and its 40-room capacity, our hotel has maintained this feature for many years The rapid development of the tourism and hospitality sector in the region and in the region due to rapid change is behind the unfortunately. After a radical change in the management committee in 2009, it has been awarded the right to be upgraded to the 3 star category in 2011 after a year of renovation. The new "GAP HOTEL" is one of the most popular hotels in Gaziantep.

The new "GAP HOTEL" has always been the principle and target to be in the forefront with its quality, equipment and gual-faced personnel. For this, it accepted the necessity of change according to the requirements of the age and the expectations of the customers as a constant principle to itself. "Your satisfaction, our happiness".

About us
Gap Otel
Our Mission & Our Vision

Our Mission

To create new management policies in accordance with the expectations of the contemporary world of Gaziantep Gap Hotel and changing guest profiles with our historical responsibility; To train our staff to provide 100% customer satisfaction by accepting an important element of total quality understanding.

To create the material and spiritual conditions that will ensure that all of our staff are happy, from the management to the park manager, to ensure the reflection of this happiness to our guests.

We provide a positive image contribution to tourism in Bursa with the quality of service we offer in our hotel

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