The property of Bayazhan, which was built by Bayaz Ahmet Efendi in 1909, passed to the Metropolitan Municipality of Gaziantep in 2005 and the relays, restitution and restoration projects were prepared and approved by Adana Cultural and Natural Heritage Protection Board. The restoration was completed by TOKI as a result of the interviews that the municipality had made. The Bayazhan Gaziantep City Museum, which was brought to the city by the Metropolitan Municipality, is described by the voice guidance system. The voices of the films played in the rooms in the rooms and the information of the models are automatically rested on the headset and can be accessed from the kiosks. Gaziantep is a museum that explains every aspect of the city and aims to watch various beauties in one place.


Adress: Akyol Mh. Atatürk Blv. No:119/1 Şahinbey/GAZİANTEP 
Phone: 0342 221 02 12 
Faks: 0342 221 02 13 

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